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We are so happy you have chosen Prestige as your host agency. We are here to help guide you along the way to becoming a successful travel agent. If you have any questions or recommendations please feel free to reach out to us!

Starting a Travel Agency

Here are some of our favorite companies to help kick start your agency

1) Facebook Business. Facebook is the MOST popular social media site for businesses. To learn how to set up your FB Business page click the link.

2) Need business cards? Vista Print is our go to. And with 20% off what's not to love? Promo Code: VPEXTRA20

3) Remember this is your OWN company! If you want to deigned a logo here are a few options: Vista Print, Etsy, Canva, 99 Designs and Fiverr. Feel free to also reach out to local designers in your area!

4) Do not feel comfortable giving out your personal number? You can get an 800 number for as little as $2 a month from Kall8.

5) Gathering images can be tricky. You CAN NOT always just use someone else's images you find online (copy write laws), you can find yourself in some trouble if so. Here are great companies who will supply you with imagery for free. Unsplash and Pixabay. 

Training Sites

Most of your training will come directly from the supplier's website. But here are a few extremely helpful websites that you should be taking full advantage of. These sites cover everything from upcoming webinars, events and breaking travel news. 

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