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Ways to Market Yourself

Our Marketing Center offers agents an easy to use, streamlined interface in which to manage the bookkeeping, accounting and administrative functions of their travel business.  It also provides access to supplemental tools and resources to help grow your business. 

start with the basics: who do you know?

Kickoff by informing people you already know that you are now a travel agent. Word of mouth is the best marketing tactic and is also FREE to you. Think of all the people you come in contact with on a daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly basis and make a list. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:


This is one of the best places to start when beginning. Although family and friends can sometimes be difficult, it can also help you practice and build confidence.


The average American takes 3 vacations a year. What a better way then booking a coworker's trip and getting paid?


Many people forget about their neighbors. They take vacations too! Have a neighborhood BBQ and let everyone know about your company.

Club Members

Apart of any clubs? Member of a church? Maybe your kids play sports?  These are more opportunities to spread the word.

Finding new business requires that you stick to a plan of promoting your business. Read through our recommendations about community involvement and generating sales, and then implement your own monthly plan.  Remember to always be consistent!  


Your marketing goal is to create awareness of your travel services, expand your base of contacts, and locate new and viable prospects.


People like to do business with people they know. Participate with others in your community through group programs, civic organizations, school committees and neighborhood activities.  You’ll get to know people in your area and they will become familiar with you as a friend and travel agent.


Plan of ACTION
Get to know your community inside and out.  Lay a foundation for meeting people by getting to know the different neighborhoods, business districts, public facilities, schools and cultural centers in your area.  

Examples: A new upscale housing development tells you people moving in probably have some discretionary income for traveling.  Business travelers are concentrated in high-rise office buildings and they also pick up dry cleaning regularly.  Identify places to influence people who have the time and resources to travel.

Put this type of knowledge to work for you in developing leads or distributing marketing materials.  Welcome neighbors moving into new developments with a call about your travel services.  They’ll appreciate the friendly gesture and recognize you as a caring independent travel agent.

Get to know the managers and commercial owners in areas around condominium buildings, shopping centers and offices where people live and work.  Determine where you might be able to drop off flyers that will reach people and identify pockets of potential. An upscale health club might be a good place to leave colorful brochures describing a weekend ski package.   


Follow Up is the Key
It takes time, energy, and financial commitment to really get involved in your community.  You will see results once people get to know you as an independent travel agent.  Community recognition brings you new clients, more booking and increased commissions. 

Make sure you always carry your business cards.  Hand them out like peanuts. Let people know that you will be happy to discuss their travel plans at their convenience, or offer to call them.  Tell people the best times to reach you. Express interest in their ideas about travel. 

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Sell Yourself First
Business Conference
Ways to Market
Supplier Marketing Materials

As a travel agent you can create and order marking material from nearly ever travel supplier. You can create emails, flyers, get copy written photos and banners/ads to add to your website. Here are some of our favorite, easy to use partners. There are also examples of what you can create off these sites.

Carnival- GoCCL
Celebrity- TheCelebrityCommitment
Disney- DisneyTA
Holland America- GoHal (*Requires NetAdvantage)
MSCAgent (*Requires NetAdvantage)

Norwegian- NorwegianCentral (*Requires NetAdvantage)
Royal Caribbean-

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