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If you have not worked with consolidators before you should review all information in your manual in regards to consolidators.  There are certain procedures that must be followed.  If it is the first time you are working with consolidators please contact the agency.  We will send you an acknowledgement form that needs to be completed prior to working with consolidators. 


A few important reminders are:

  • Remember to add a minimum of 10% commission when working with consolidator fares.  Some consolidators may not automatically include the commission in the total quoted.  Please verify this information when working with consolidators.  Commissions must be added to net fares prior to quoting a price to your client. 

  • Payments need to be made according to all agency policies.

  • Please notify the agency immediately that you have made a reservation through a consolidator.  Some systems will send the information into our GDS system, however we do not have all the information we need in order to process the reservation.

  • Always submit the appropriate worksheet when booking with consolidators.

Important:  For consolidator access online please send an email request with your full name and agent ID to


With 20 locations nationwide and over 300 dedicated employees, C&H International has become a leading air consolidator. C&H International has a 30 year history of incomparable service to the travel community. With contracts representing more than 70 renowned international airlines, C&H International offers only the most competitive net and commission-able fares.  Call 888-264-3273 for quotes and reservations.


Commission is automatically added onto the ticket prices in the Farebuzz system based on the following table.  Your commission split would be based your your current level.  

Base Ticket Price                                   Commission

$ 000.01 - $  500.00                          $10.00 / $20.00 

$ 500.01 - $1000.00                                  $30.00

$1000.01 -$2000.00                                  $40.00

$2000.01 - $3000.00                                $60.00

$3000.01 & Above                                     $80.00


IMPORTANT AIR RESERVATION INFORMATION:  Please see the Farebuzz terms and conditions when in the reservation process for their ticketing policies.   Please follow the instructions in your manual for reservations.


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