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About Star Clippers

Could you imagine a finer mega-yacht charter? The ship’s course and itinerary are completely at your disposal. Whether it be a shore excursion for a private beach barbecue or a specially created soiree in the dining room, everything can be arranged to perfection by our superbly trained and friendly staff. And when it comes to water sports, our expert sports team will see to it that everyone has fun in the sun or under the sea.

Perfect Conditions for Smooth Sailing Star Clippers has all the backup information you require, from our beautiful brochure to our enchanting video, and everything in between. Once you decide to come aboard a Star Clipper, you can leave the rest up to us. We’ll work with you to make sure that each wish and desire is attended to faultlessly. This is an adventure your clients will never forget.

Send Your Star Performers on a Star Clippers cruise.  Rewarding them with a Mega-Yacht cruise is certain to motivate your best people. Which tends to put a nice tail wind behind your sales figures, as well.




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