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About Room-Res is a website made exclusively for travel agents to find the best hotel for travelers and for them. That means, you’ll be booking room nights that deliver the best value for your customer while giving you the best profit margin. is built on the premise that retail travel agents are the most valuable and insightful source for booking travel experiences and products. We want to enhance that value you bring to customers by pairing your insight with a search platform that helps you dynamically sort hotel room results more effectively than any online travel agent does.

Our site delivers search results for travel agents that don’t sacrifice agent profitability in favour of a cheap deal for consumers. Everyone might think they’re a travel booking expert now because they can find the cheapest hotel rooms with a few clicks or taps, but only travel agents have the know-how to design memorable, tailored holidays.



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Please send agent ID, full name, email address and phone number to

12% Commission

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Reservations: 1-888-788-9644

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